Proved Privacy Protect Property

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P4Cleanroom is a confidential cloud service for hosting computational biology algorithms as SaaS services on the cloud. Computational biology researchers can publish their algorithms on P4Cleanroom as a SaaS service to customers, such as researchers in pharmaceutical companies and health care institutes. P4Cleanroom provides the strongest privacy guarantees on the cloud to its customers to ensure no one else can copy or retain customers' data. P4Cleanroom provides such strong privacy protection through a combination of hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments and software-based privacy protection verification technologies.

Privacy Guarantees

  • Protect user data from being accessed by the cloud provider
  • Protect user data from being leaked by the provided algorithms
  • P4Cleanroom does not duplicate or retrain any user data after algorithm execution

Available Algorithms

  • LinearDesign: an mRNA design optimization algorithm
  • LinearFold: a fast structure prediction algorithm for RNA sequences

Technology Certified By

  • Apache
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Intel